WISA 2016

March 31 – April 2

Galena, AK

Final Results WISA 2016

Team Scores

High School Boys

1st Nome

2nd Galena

3rd Unalakleet

4th Teller

High School Girls

1st Nome

3nd Galena

Junior High Boys

1st Galena

2nd Nome

3rd Koyuk

4th Unalakleet

Junior High Girls

1st Nome

2nd Galena

3rd Koyuk

4th Nenana


High School Boy – Jacob Moos

High School Girl – Bianca Trowbridge

Junior High Boy – Daniel Kopp

Junior High Girl – Mallory Conger



Cloud Cup



Thank You to the Galena Ski Team, Galena School District, sponsors, Community of Galena, all the skiers, skier’s families, coaches, and anyone and everyone who made WISA 2016 great. Another great WISA in Galena.

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Thank You Martin for the pictures above.