Hi all, here are some important items. Please take note –

1) Nenana Food Costs – Nenana is asking for a Kitchen Fee of $10 per athlete. Very reasonable indeed, when you consider that this covers a box lunch Thursday/ breakfast, box lunch, and dinner on Friday/ and breakfast on Saturday.

2) Fairbanks Food Costs – The meals for Thursday night, after the ski race, will happen in Fairbanks. Each team is responsible for covering their food expenses that night. Lunch on Saturday after the relays will carry the same responsibility.

3) USBA Membership – I was able to get all our kids registered for the meet with a 1-day, event specific membership. The turn around time was super quick, so BSSD should be able to get this done after the meet this weekend. The trick is getting the parent’s to sign the release forms. Sierra Corsetti from Unalakleet is the only other skier registered to date.

4) WISA Membership – Historically, every school that has a team (two or more skiers) contributed a $50 annual fee for WISA membership. Sorry no fancy patches, or weekend use of my yacht as membership perks, just continued ability for this great organization to be able to keep this great event stocked with trophies etc.

5) Race Recording – I will be taking Rudy’s place in recording race results for the meet. Rudy will be in Thailand, that is if the volcano lets him go. Matthew Stark will be assisting me. Coaches, send a list of your skiers as soon as possible (no later than this Saturday!!!!, please). I have the results from the past four WISA meets, so I have some idea of who’s who. I will also have data from this year’s BSSD meet. Coaches, if you have skiers that are new to WISA, please send a bit of information about them. Gender, division, and how their ski times compare to know skiers is what I am looking for. We can always make changes at the coaches meeting if we need to. Having the ski race heats set up before the meet is critical!!!

Have a great week,



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