Update from Keith

Hello all, hard to believe that I went out to groom trails today
instead of going to see Mackey come in. NOT! We have actually had 24
hours without wind, so it was an easy decision.

The Western Interior Ski and Biathlon Championships are rapidly
approaching. Can’t believe that we are only two weeks away from this
truly unique competition. Below is a schedule of events from Chuck.
Please read it, and forward any questions you have about it. Chuck has
worked tirelessly setting up this event, and we owe him a great debt of

To this point I have heard preliminary numbers for participants from all
of you. Although the historical records show that numbers 16 years ago
were higher, our numbers should be in the upper-40’s, approaching 50.
Those numbers would make us, as far as I can tell, the largest, or
second largest biathlon competition in the state of Alaska this winter –
depending upon the numbers at the BSSD meet. (The World Junior Biathlon
Team Trials held at Anchorage’s Kincaid Park in December had 43 racers.
And ‘m not counting Girdwood’s Snowball Biathlon held in January).

Travel arrangements are up to individual sites to arrange. Please
contact Chuck with the particulars of your travel. Nome is arriving on
Wednedsday night. We will be staying at Pike’s on the Waterfront. I
would like to make a super plug for this hotel for those of you that
might be arriving the night before. Pike’s offers a $69 per night per
room deal for teams. Their rooms have two queen sized beds, and offer a
great continental breakfast (including make your own waffles, although
each one takes 3 minutes to make, so plan accordingly if you have a
large group). They set up their Bell Closet for waxing (although you
need to bring your own wax tables). They also have complimentary
chocolate chip cookies and coffee each evening. Em and I stayed there
last weekend and think they live up to their billing as “the Friendliest
Hotel in Fairbanks.”

All participants will need to be members of the United States Biathlon
Association (USBA) in order to compete in Friday’s biathlon. This is a
requirement of Birch Hill Ski area, our host ski site. I will let you
know how skiers become members when I find out.

Well, that’s it for this note. Hope your season’s have been going
well. Please respond, letting me know that you received this note,



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